"Red Heart" lyrics - THE USED

"Red Heart"

When I really stopped to notice
What I noticed is that
No one stops to notice
Pretty busy when tomorrow gets the focus
Got a great idea and didn't stop
To write it on my phone
I ran straight home
Unpacked the closet
Found my trumpet
Stole a bus and took my new friends to the mountain
Found a spot where everyone could see
Although no one was looking
Gripped the cornet, wet my lips
And played my sad song to the heavens
On I played until my lips bled
Still I could not feel a difference
Till I looked up and I noticed
I had everyone's attention
"Now that I have your deliberation
Let me formulate a most confusing situation
Set to stimulate and satiate our saturated notions
Moving closer to the truth with no expulsions, segregations
As of now we're all a part of that machine they talked about
Don't you remember that band Rage Against the Machine?

Let's go deeper now than what John Lennon
Said about the war, and what would happen
If no soldiers took the field
If 1 and 1 is 2; and 2 and 2's a billion trillion zillion
And the moon's front screen projection
Super sacerdotalism
Bought and paid through hidden taxes
Through the power of inflation
If it's all too much to handle let me tell you what I think
What I believe and what I hope for
What I'd fight for
And have faith in
And that is love
Love sweet love
Yeah, that is love
Love sweet love
Love love love"
Red heart
"If you think you already know all the answers
You could listen
Seems the smartest men I know obtain
The most important questions
And we've got to get it wrong along the way
Failure's important
Must get bashed more than a little bit
To understand what pain is
Until we truly understand
Have we a chance then to be free?
By free I mean devoid of pain
The absence of the guilt of shame
The mercy of the love of man
Humanity's the truest name
But first we'll have to face the truth
And that is where the pain comes in
Let's start at the beginning
Start somewhere in our youth
Take everything we learned
And that we counted on as truth
Kill all the messengers and simply kick the barrels over
Picture a world without answers
Pictures carving, in our minds
Shattered debris of opinion
Instead of only freedom from the truth
There comes fire in our hearts
Metabolized into organized
Truly democratized hordes and masses
Ranks and classes
Sane one's and spastics
Your moms and your dads's
Together we stand like a brick wall
We tower
And no longer we grovel
No longer we cower
We never apologize, why should we ever?
No one to apologize to but each other
No, sir, Mr. President
No, sir, to your war
No, sir, big prime minister
No, not like before
No, thanks, Mr Pope, Mr Dictator, too
No longer will we play in what you like to call games
For we realized that your way affords no peaceful choices
No virtue in walking your tight-rope of peace-rape
We want nothing to do with your brand-new-world-order
I'm sure as we walk and work out our own path
We'll figure it out on our way like we do
And did we ever need you?
Never needed you
We did it with love
Love sweet love
Yeah, we got there with love
Love sweet love
Love love love"
Red heart
Never needed you
We did it with love
Love sweet love
Yeah, we got there with love
Love sweet love
Love love love"
Red heart