"Show Me The Coast" lyrics - THE WAR ON DRUGS

"Show Me The Coast"
(Adam Granduciel / Kurt Vile)

I don't mind feeling bad, about the things I've never had
And I don't think about much it all
Hidden in the ditch I know the time it took too
Rearrange what I saw

Been around this town so long it hurts, yeah
Could you show me something new?
Show me the coast, take me somewhere I've never been before
Come on, take it easy, take it slow

But I was made to be a ranger, with a magnum of steel
And in the cold, hot dangers, I was losing my teeth
And on my left I saw my cords piled high
And on my right I saw the flame
And it was burning, like I've never seen before yeah
You know I had to go on over that way, yeah

It's all right to hit it on time
And everything you touch is taking the road
And it's alright to hit it on time, yeah
You can make it on your own, yeah
Make it on your own tonight

And it was dish on time, my fingers down
And you were coming back to me
It was cold, hot danger, but I'd seen before
They were coming back to me

And you've been taken to your new home, babe yeah
Like a snake takes to the trees
And I was taken to my new home, yeah and I
Like my new home takes to me, yeah

It's all right to cover everything, yeah
You don't mind going home
It's all right I won't take what you say
Now we're leaving at the coast, show me everything

It's all right living only on your right
Take me on the coast some time
And it's alright to have it on your own
You can have it make it on your own
Yeah, make it on your own tonight