"You Don't Have To Go" lyrics - THE WAR ON DRUGS

"You Don't Have To Go"
(Adam Granduciel)

Love is a bird I can't even see
Even in the darkness right in front of me
You were shining brightly in the window in the morn
There's a torrent that rises gently
There's a wind

You can be free, sometimes brave
Sometimes all you want to do is run away
I don't need a curse, the hurt is much too real
But even worse, I'm silently waiting
For her, the room will be painted

Yeah, I know, it's hard, this time
Yeah, I know, you know, this time... [?]

How could I wait until you recognized me?
When you were there inside my dreams
No, you don't have to go, I want to make you stay
Goodbye, anyway
I heard the news today

I've been up since the break of dawn
I lost my mind today
I'm at the sea, and I can hear the trains
Winds of change, so new
Blow right through me and blow back through you
And pull you into the light, yeah