"We Will Not Be Lovers" lyrics - THE WATERBOYS

"We Will Not Be Lovers"

You just stepped into the maintrack
Climbed down off the fence
Words are your weapon
Lies are your defence
I know what you want
And I see what you see
You're looking for somebody
But he isn't me
Find yourself another
Because we will not be lovers

How your eyes are like tortures
And your presence is bliss
I never knew time
Could speed and zip like this
The touch of your flesh
Is tough to resist
Planets collide, collide
At the smack of your kiss
But you can kiss your brother
Because we will not be lovers

Now you're pulling down curtains
You've been sparking old flames
You've been causing disturbance
Crying for shame
You've been Knocking on doors
You've been abusing my name
You've been casting up doubt
You've been throwing your blame
But you can throw it at your mother
We will not be lovers

Now the world's full of trouble
Everybody's scared
The landlords are frowning
Cupboards are bare
People are scrambling
Like dogs for a share
It's cruel and its hard
But it nothing compared to
What we do to each other
To each other

We will not be lovers!
We will not be lovers, no
We will not be lovers, no