"Train Time" lyrics - THE WEAVERS

"Train Time"

Train time man, train time, train time
I'm a depot man, I go down to the depot
Early in the morning 'fore the sun come up
I ain't joking man and I wait for that five o ten to come up the line
I can hear her movin' early in the morning
Before the sun come up way down the line

She don't stop at this depot man
She goes right on through like the crack of dawn
But I go out on that depot platform man
And I wait for that five o ten to come up the line

I go out on that depot platform, I stand right near the edge
And I wait for that train to come by me
The early in the morning before the sun come up
And when that train's come and gone man
There is one thing that I know, I'm lying

Long as noon, I go out along the road
And I watch the road gang lighten up the track
I can hear the foreman hollering man
Ay, big boy can't you move it, big boy move it
Can't you hear that ball of fire
Coming down the line man, she's right on time

It's okay big boy you got it straighten out
Move on down the line
This is a small depot, just a dock way out on the line
But I'm always right on time, train time