"Jumble, Jumble" lyrics - THE WHITE STRIPES

"Jumble, Jumble"
(Jack White / Meg White)

[In french:]
[Girl:] -emiere fois.
[Women:] Ok, c'est surprenant la premiere fois pis apres c'est moins drole?
[Girl:] Non, c'est... c'est quand meme amusant mais... [?]

Jumble, jumble, all at my house.
Come on over, sleep on the couch.
Can't even see ya', look like a mouse.

Crumble, crumble, the bag is brown.
Rip up the paper to hear a sound.
Pick the pieces up off the ground.

Tumble, tumble onto the floor,
Roll over until you're poor.
Wave to me, I'm at the door.