"What Can I Say" lyrics - THE WILLIS CLAN

"What Can I Say"

Rarely am I speechless
Never lost for words
Always been the girl that's some times seen
But always heard
Standing here before you
I've never felt this bad
Thinking of the things I've said
I wish I'd never had

What can I say
I'm afraid I've already said it all
What can I do
To take it back for you
Rewrite every love song that I play
Save it for a moment like today
What can I say
What can I say

You think it's ironic
Go ahead and laugh
The situation's funny
When it's not on your behalf
Talk about confusing
Nothing's making sense
Except that I'm a fool
On the wrong side of the fence


Nothing does you justice
Not like you deserve
I know I have to tell you
And I'm working up the nerve
Nothing can explain you
Or perfectly portray
I'd give my best attempt
If I could only find a way


Say, say
Yeah, yeah, yeah