"Snake Eyes" lyrics - THE WOOD BROTHERS

"Snake Eyes"
(Jano Rix / Chris Wood / Oliver Wood / Rebecca Wood)

Come on everybody there's a train comin'
Won't be at the station too long
Go ahead and listen to the jack leg television preacher
If you want to get on

I'm just a runaway truck
I don't give a flying flip about much
But to things down, lord turn it around

I don't mind livin' on grits
But I'm tired of eatin' crow and I need a hit
Of something to wash it down, lord turn it around

I keep dreaming of those snake eyes
Dreaming of those snake eyes
And I'm lookin' for my paradise
Looking for my paradise

I keep chasin a patch of green grass
All I need is a peace of mind that's gonna last
And I feel the fire, lord can you heal my desire