"What More Can I Do" lyrics - THE ZOMBIES

"What More Can I Do"

What more can I do
You know I'd gladly
Lose myself to you
But something always
Holds me back
I wish I knew
What it is that stops me
From loving you
The way it should be
Oh, oh , oh, oh

What more can I do
I'm trying hard
I know I could believe in you
But something always keeps a hold on me
And just won't let me go
Such a burning bully
Inside while I'm trying to hide that
I want you to own me, own me, own, own
Oh yeah

What more can I say
I've said it all now
Got such a love loose
A price to pay

If you ignore me
What more can I do
(What more can I do)
What more can I do
What more can I do