THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS lyrics - "Paradoxically"


[From the Venue Songs DVD:]
Next stop: Los Angeles. Behold the House Of Blues. Paradoxically, this classic American juke-joint, as old and as broke down as the blues itself, is made entirely out of contemporary construction materials, and in fact was built by Dan Akroyd himself, with his own pudgy, Canadian hands. Indeed, the House Of Blues' public image of loose morals and lost weekends contrasts sharply with the club's hyper-efficient 'Triumph of the Will' management style. And it continually perplexes its visitors, including They Might Be Giants, who adopt an appropriately aggressive attitude for this venue's theme.

[Alternate version:]
First stop, Los Angeles. Behold the Hollywood House of Blues, rock music's mystery spot. From the day it emerged from the primeval mud of Southern California in 1992, this ageless structure has befuddled scientists. Here, compasses spin wildly, rivers of ranch dressing and well bourbon inexplicably run upstream. The corn bread weighs twice as much as it reaches your stomach. What strange power compels the House of Blues' customers to overpay for watered down drinks night after night? No one knows! And yet, its enigma thrives and compels They Might Be Giants to write its first Venue Song.

Venue Songs (2005)

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  1. Greeting From The Deranged Millionaire
  2. "The Experiment Begins"
  3. Dallas (Studio) (Trees)
  4. "A Concrete Shrine"
  5. Albany (Studio) (The Egg)
  6. "Paradoxically"
  7. Los Angeles (Studio) (West Hollywood House of Blues, or Hollywood)
  8. "An Oasis Of Hooch"
  9. Anaheim (Studio) (Anaheim House of Blues)
  10. "The Great Walled City"
  11. Vancouver (Studio) (Richard's on Richards)
  12. "Monongahela"
  13. Pittsburgh (Studio) (Mr. Small's)
  14. "You Can't Go Home Again"
  15. Asheville (The Orange Peel)
  16. "And So"
  17. Glasgow (T-H-E-G-A-R-A-G-E, or The Garage)
  18. "Returning To The U.S."
  19. Charlottesville (Studio) (Starr Hill Music Hall)
  20. "Skee-ball And Saltwater Taffy"
  21. Asbury Park (Studio) (Stone Pony)
  22. "The Tour Nearly Over"
  23. Brooklyn (Studio) (Celebrate Brooklyn)
  24. Goodbye From The Deranged Millionaire
  25. Damn Good Times
  26. Experimental Film
  27. Bastard Wants To Hit Me
  28. I'm All You Can Think About
  29. Dallas (Studio) (Trees)
  30. Albany (Studio) (The Egg)
  31. Los Angeles (Studio) (West Hollywood House of Blues, or Hollywood)
  32. Anaheim (Studio) (Anaheim House of Blues)
  33. Vancouver (Studio) (Richard's on Richards)
  34. Pittsburgh (Studio) (Mr. Small's)
  35. Asheville (The Orange Peel)
  36. Glasgow (Studio) (T-H-E-G-A-R-A-G-E, or The Garage)
  37. Charlottesville (Studio) (Starr Hill Music Hall)
  38. Asbury Park (Studio) (Stone Pony)
  39. Brooklyn (Studio) (Celebrate Brooklyn)
  40. Love Is Eternity
  41. Renew My Subscription
  42. Taste The Fame
  43. Tippecanoe And Tyler Too
  44. The Bloodmobile
  45. Omaha (Sokol Auditorium)
  46. Houston (Meridian)
  47. Leeds (Leeds Irish Center)
  48. New Orleans (New Orleans House of Blues)
  49. Columbia (The Blue Note)
  50. Santa Cruz (The Catalyst)
  51. Minneapolis (First Avenue Stage)
  52. Tucson (City Limits)
  53. San Francisco (Fillmore)
  54. Memphis (Gibson Lounge, or Gibson Beale Theme)
  55. Charleston (The Music Farm)
  56. Atlanta (Variety Playhouse, or Variety Playhouse Freak-In)
  57. Farmingdale (The Downtown)
  58. New Haven (Toad's Place, a.k.a. Toad's Place (A-))
  59. London (The Astoria, or At The As-tore-eye-yea)
  60. Raleigh (Lincoln Theatre)
  61. Towson (Recher Theatre)
  62. St. Louis (Mississippi Nights)
  63. Philadelphia (T.L.A.)
  64. Austin (Stubbs, or Stubb's)
  65. Dallas (Trees)
  66. Albany (The Egg)
  67. Los Angeles (West Hollywood House of Blues)
  68. Anaheim (Anaheim House of Blues)
  69. Vancouver (Richard's on Richards)
  70. Pittsburgh (Mr. Small's)
  71. Glasgow (T-H-E-G-A-R-A-G-E, or The Garage)
  72. Charlottesville (Starr Hill Music Hall)
  73. Asbury Park (Stone Pony)
  74. Brooklyn (Celebrate Brooklyn)