"Us Someday" lyrics - THOMAS RHETT

"Us Someday"

I do, with a ring on your hand
Raise a toast with some cheap champagne
Tears fall from your daddy on your first dance
Couple cans on the Chevrolet
Right now feels like forever
I guess some millions miles away

But I can see us together
My love, that'll be us someday

Couple kids runnin' wild in the backyard
Hand prints on the new driveway
Road trips in a packed out old car
Little league on a Saturday
You call me a crazy dreamer
But I'm gonna dream away

Close my eyes and I swear I see ya
My love, that'll be us someday
That'll be us someday

Ooh, you can't control the way life's gonna go
But there's one thing that I know
It's you and me in an old rocking chair
You're still pretty and I'm turning grey
Thinking back on the memories we share
Thinking 'bout what you used to say
"Boy, you're a crazy dreamer, but I knew in that moment, babe
Our love would just grow deeper"

My love, that'll be us someday
I knew back then
That would be us someday
That would be us someday
Oh that would be us someday