"The Earth Is Broken" lyrics - TIM BUCKLEY

"The Earth Is Broken"

Oh now my brother's been taken away
Gone are the old times when we used to say
Oh a woman was younger she knew what to do
Oh but I look around me, now that's not so

I'm lost on that open road no peace do I find
Maybe the wind'll blow a melody and ease my mind

But soon love is broken, they'll take you away
Oh the wars they been growing as no relief
And the old men who ruled them oh they're just like thieves
They rob from the sunshine, oh the air ain't so clean
Our rivers are dirty where once we could see

A smile from your lady friend looking down
Look at that river hey did you ever shiver
Well the earth is broken there is no one to save

I remember quite freely only yesterday
Ah the letter that I read from you read this way
Take care lonesome Timmy, ah don't you start
Thinking you're the only one year that's gone
Out on your lonesome road hey lend a hand to your friend
Yes he's just as lonely and the wind keeps you cold

Remember the rivers that once did flow clean

Ah sometimes I wonder how this old world keeps spinning 'round
All the old folks have gone west, Lord preparing to die
All except for a few of us hangers on
Living each day with trivial hearts

We just stop once in a while cry over the news
In some foreign far city your brother's shot down

Because there was a reason a gun had a hand
And the old man killed youth, squeezed down its hope
Now I'm just waiting brother waiting for the land
Soon in my country there won't be a friend
Each one is trying so hard to defend
That one one last heartbeat before he's tugged away

Lost in the mechanized efficient world logical skies

Ah but no song was written on without a tear in your eyes
Are we the last ones, the last ones to try