"God Is Love" lyrics - TOBYMAC

"God Is Love"

Love is God and God is Love
No one's below, no one's above

Thinking of my past motivates my future
Will I make or break, love or hate
Who's the fake 'n' who's the snake, man?
Who can I trust?
So many promises I've seen bust
Justice is never accomplished
Gotta let that go and keep on moving
Yeshua illuminate my path, keep me tuned in
So much negative around for me to get consumed in
But I still have peace in the midst of confusion
I still have peace in the midst of confusion

And even though I know my life has purpose
I find myself down and out feeling worthless and defenceless
I can't stand their eyes against me
But I still call no man my enemy
Competition is none no competitors
Matthew 5:44's got me praying for predators
Turnin' cheeks on the regular
So throw your dart and chances are you'll hit the heart
But never take me apart because I'm founded in Yeshua...
So who can be against me?
That's what I thought, nobody


Toby Mac and I'm here to drop this on you
I got a fresh point of view
John Reuben let me tell you what I'm trying to say
The world can't take these smiles away
Sunny days, oh they may be grey
And by the way some people just love to hate
But I got love for them all
So much love for them all

God is Love with a capital L
And it's the last thing he told us through Christ as well
You gotta love God with all your heart
And love your brother like you love yourself
Love your brother like you love yourself
And for you John that's a whole lot of love


Love huh, no one's above it or below it
Love's right, they think they're tough 'cause they don't show it
Love huh, we make it plain to see that we got love
Even if they haven't for we