"Fade Away" lyrics - TODD RUNDGREN

"Fade Away"

The day is done, the blinds are drawn
The sound of afternoon is gone
The corner store has locked it's door
And everyone has left for home
When their sleepy little heads
Settle snug inside their beds
You and I will stay and watch the sun fade away

The balladeer, the buccaneer
The liar, the man who would be king
The cavalier, the profiteer
The one who knows only suffering
As the cannons gather rust,
All their castles turn to dust
You and I will stay and see them fade away

We are on an endless flight my friend

With no beginning and no end
I've forgotten more than I remember
Sometimes I want to hide myself away
But I know there's no escape
We must go on, go on forever
The sea will rise, mountains fall
The earth will turn itself upside down
But we have seen it all before,
We will always be around
In a hundred million years
When the planet disappears
You and I will stay
And watch the world fade away
And in a million trillion years
When the stars all disappear
You and I will stay
And watch it all fade away