"Mad" lyrics - TODD RUNDGREN


Crowded world
How can I find peace of mind
With so many small agendas
Pushing at me all the time
Button one: you knew I had no time today
Button two: you had to push it anyway
Button three: then you went and did it again
So I counted to ten and right there and then
You made me mad
Now I'm mad
This is more than upset
It's as enraged as I get
And you ain't seen me mad yet
And now I'm mad
Crowded world
Where no quiet can be found
But for little scattered spaces
With invaders lurking round
Button one: I told you not to call me here
Button two: your voice is like a drill in my ear
Button three: you never hang up on your own
So get off the phone and leave me alone
Because I'm mad
At the end of my patience, and I have a lot
Don't know what makes you feel as if you're all I've got
Nothing better to think about, better to do
Why does everything always have to be about you?