"Maybe I'm Better Off" lyrics - TODD RUNDGREN

"Maybe I'm Better Off"

Maybe I'm better off
If I never leave this cell
Maybe I've lived enough
In a world as free as hell (just as free as hell)
Where you keep on thinking
While it's stinking
You enjoy the smell
And you lick the bowl as well
Love's out there
They tell you
They sell you anything to make you happy
Then it all just turns to crap
So maybe I'm better off
Than I was when I was young
Now that I know the cost
When you try to love someone
Guess I'm better off
In jail at thirty-one

What about all my friends?
Now I won't have to watch them die
And every time they sell out
I won't be there to question why
They can get so high
On the butts they're kissing
While they're pissing
'way each other's lives
As they shag each other's wives
No shopping, co-oping
None of the grand design to sooth the masses
'til it's time to pay your taxes
Maybe I'm better off
Than I was in days gone by

Now that I know the cost
When you set your sights too high
Yes I'm better off

It's jailbreak time for ian

Maybe I'm better off
Now that I've kissed her off
Now that they've whisked me off to the slammer and
Maybe I'm better off
Now that she's pissed me off
Now that my fist takes on a new glamour and
Maybe my mind's run off
Maybe I've just gone off my head
Maybe I've just gone 'round the bend
Maybe I'm in my own little world

It's jailbreak time for ian
Praise the lord, it's jailbreak time for ian
What the hell took you so long?

Life hands you new chances
Uncertain circumstances
Set you back
But then you win the lotto jackpot
Every time you give up (every time you give up)
Then you give up being young
Everything has a cost
That's the way this world is run
Maybe I'm better off
Now I'm free and thirty-one
I'm free, male, and thirty-one