"Party Liquor" lyrics - TODD RUNDGREN

"Party Liquor"

There is this party
They say I should come by
I'm not good with strangers
But I may give it a try
Sittin in the corner
And I'm feelin kinda shy
I see someone but
I'm afraid to catch their eye
And in my mind
We'll have a nice time
Drinkin' fine wine
Then somebody yells wake up!
And smell the moonshine
And the lights got dimmer
And began to flicker
Then they broke out the party liquor
When the moment came I didn't have to trick her
She just threw back that party liquor
This shit gets crazier
With every passing hour
I should slow down
But I don't seem to have the power
I'm drinkin' everything
Including grape Kool-Aid and grain
I'm thinkin' thoughts
That I should never entertain
And in my brain
We are so perfect
Oysters and champagne
Then somebody yells wake up!
You must be insane
And the loudmouth boozin'
And they begin to bicker
Over who holds their party liquor
And we all find out just who can get sicker quicker
When they break out the party liquor
While the trash piles higher
And the floor gets slicker
'cause they spilled so much party liquor
And the TV's blaring 'cause they can't find the clicker
Things get so lost on party liquor
And the noise grows louder and the plot get's thicker
As they run out of party liquor
Then I look right at her and begin to snicker
Things get so strange on party liquor
'Cause if I was sober I would never pick her
You do weird things on party liquor
And the rude boys line up to get in her knickers
When she's face down on party liquor
So everybody sing
It's party liquor time!