"TV Is King" lyrics - TODD RUNDGREN

"TV Is King"

All right! yeah!
I wish I was a man with a mechanical heart
I'd conquer all my enemies alone
I'd tear the guys apart
Then scatter the pieces
I wish I was the man in the sound proof booth
I wish I had a chance to stump the band
Or maybe tell the truth
And maybe I could win a color television

I really love my television
I love to sit by television
Can't live without my television
Tv is king
You're my everything

I wish I had the girl with the bouncy hair
We'd ride off in a brand new car
Or fly a plane somewhere
Like probably jamaica
I'll brush my teeth, shampoo my hair,
And shave my face
Apply the necessary aerosol

In the appropriate place
And we'll spend the night together
Watching television

I can't turn off my television
Don't really know why television
I understand my television
You've got your works in a drawer
And your color's on track
You have to brave the way
But you always come back
You make a hundred changes
But you're always the same
You make me so excited
And you make me so lame
You're just a cute ball of gas
And a box full of tin
But you show me your junk
And I want to jump in
Oh if only your chassis
Was covered with skin
'cause tv you're my everything