"The Barn Dance" lyrics - TOM T. HALL

"The Barn Dance"

One night as I was sleeping something awakened me
There was a light on in my barn so I went down to see
I peeked through a big ole crack in the door and what do you think I saw
The animals were havin' a barn dance right in the horses' stall
And there was a chicken doing the chicken reel and the muskart rambled on
The ole cow did a cow-cow boogie and the rooster crowed a song
A mouse came out of his hidin' place and he danced on one leg
The ole hen got so tickled that she almost laid an egg

[Banjo - guitar]

They were all dressed up for the barn dance it made me want to laugh
The rabbit wore a big bowtie and the pig was a lookin' in a lookin' glass
And the goose danced with the gander 'til an old dog butted in
The horse was horsing around a lot till the mare got mad at him
And there was a chicken doing...
And there was a chicken doing...