"Big Time Operator" lyrics - TOMMY JAMES AND THE SHONDELLS

"Big Time Operator"
(Tony Colton)

I started off a newsboy on a paper
For a time I worked in an elevator
But all the time I knew that later
I would be a higher rater
Finally, a big time operator

For a while I drove an excavator
(Yes I did)
Then I became a wine and brandy waiter
A builder, then a decorator
Later on, an estimator
I'm gonna be a big time operator

(Oh ya got to believe in me)

I took a job as an airline navigator
Then I became a crime investigator
(Yes I did)
For a time, a commentator
Then I was an administrator
I'm gonna be a big time operator
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah)

Well don't you know I'm gonna be in the big time baby
A big time operator
I'll have a whole lotta people workin' for me

Gonna have a chauffeur
An upstairs maid
Big limousine
Racing sports car
50 foot yacht
Race horses
I'm gonna give new meaning to the word 'big'
A big time operator now now