"Strictly Incognito" lyrics - TONY BANKS

"Strictly Incognito"

I want to tell you all about a young man
He'll be known as Dan
Then he was living down in San Diego
Drove an ice-cream van
One night he met a girl in Club Alamo
But she was strictly incognito

They had a drink and when he asked her name
She told him Jennifer
But what he didn't realize as he was
Dancing close to her
He held the body of a waitress called Kaye
Who used to live in Sacramento
They danced right through the night and into the day
Remaining strictly incognito

He drove her home in the sunlight of morning
He held her close in the car
But fourteen year old Sara Lee was watching
She knew he'd gone much too far

Poor Dan a simple man he just failed to see
It wasn't Jennifer who kissed him
Cos when Dan took her hand he held Sara Lee
She knew that she could convict him

So Dan got ten years to dream in state detention
And lost the use of his car
And all because his waitress Kaye forgot to mention
It's not always clear who we are

Now she's waiting tables in Paloma
Near the Four-O-Five
And there's another twenty-eight personas
Keeping her alive
Next time your waitress looks you right in the eye
You'd better exercise your veto
And keep your mind right on that blueberry pie
Remaining strictly incognito