"Isn't It Romantic?" lyrics - TONY BENNETT

"Isn't It Romantic?"

Isn't it romantic
Music in the night
A dream that can be heard

Isn't it romantic
Moving shadows write the oldest magic word
I hear the breezes playing in the trees up above
While all the world is saying you were meant for love

Isn't it romantic
Merely to be young on such a night as this
Isn't it romantic
Every note that's sung is like a lover's kiss

Sweet symbols in the moonlight
Do you think that I will fall in love per chance?
Isn't it romance?

Isn't it romantic
On a moonlight night
She'll cook me onion soup

Kiddies are romantic
And if we don't fight we soon will have a troupe
We'll help the population,
It's a duty that we owe to dear old France
Isn't it romance?