"Having A Party" lyrics - TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS

"Having A Party"
(Frederick Hibbert)

Talk about a party, party
Everybody sing party, party
Everybody go and party, party
Everyone of you party, party
I will party party
Do you want to go and party, party

I reach the plane
And I go to Connecticut
Hear the people talking
They want me to do my reggae stuff
Go to Boston
And they acting the same way too
All of Philadelphia
They want me to do my thing

In that party, party
Everybody just party, party
Singing 'bout party, party
Everyone come party, party

Don't want to be a liar
I want to tell the truth
To each and everyone
I want to do my reggae stuff, now
I am from Jamaica
I want to do my Jamaican stuff
Everywhere I go
I feel I'll keep on doing...

Talk about a party, party
In that party, party
Somebody come party, party
Somebody come and help me now!
Whoa, hey hey!
Listen! Mercy! Mercy!
Make them feel it yeah!
Yeah, ugh, oh!

Party, party, oh ho
Party, party, like it's my birthday
Party, party, and I gon' to have that party
Party, party, we're gonna meet each other
Party, party, talk to one another
Party, party, dance with each other
Party, party, hey hey
Party, party, don't wanna be rocketeer
Party, party, wanna be a solid man here