"Spend It (Freestyle)" lyrics - TORY LANEZ

"Spend It (Freestyle)"

I'm ridin' round I'm gettin' it
I'm high as fuck, on that chimney
These bitches all in my business
You ridin', let's get it
Ay JB, holdin' that choppa
Ain't gon' be no witnesses
All of ya on my hit list
You ridin' let's get it

Ay, stuntin' in my know six
Ridin' out in my foe fitch
I don't trust this hoe niggas
I don't trust this hoes neither
All black in that bandana
All the Juelz, no Santana
Fuck niggas they hatin' hard
Post up that haste 'em all
Flexin' out like I should've been
Big body I pull up in
Niggas hate, fake or pretend
That fo' fo' they pullin' in
Bitch made get a switch blade
Turn your body into switchelay
Fuck, don't hate, get a bitch billet
Lame niggas, you got a bitch to pay
I'm in shade, I lay it down
Say the words and they spray the round
Price tag up on the top
Guarantee to lay it down
I got more, I got more
Bad bitch like I got two
Nigga rhymes like auto-tune
On the table like I got you
Ridin' round and I'm gettin' it
Flyin' down when I'm hittin' it
Let me loose when I'll be on the Goose
Like a loose tooth, I don't spent it
Man I fucked your chick and I mean it
Yeah hit the bird, I'm badmittin' it
And they start strug, they they in it
And they class,the foe be like ignant
I'm on websites, Mozilla, how to describe my money flow
Big green Godzilla, now to find I got 100 hoes
I'm TO 'til the death of me, real niggas, I'm the recipe
Big sister named Destiny, y'all bitch niggas ain't stressin' me
Shout out my nigga old dizzy, I got 450 and the hoes with me
In the Porsche ridin', she so with me
And the Jag boys, they so iffy, in the jet boys so they so iffy
I'm fuckin' hoes, I'm so tipsy, hustle hustle, I'm so Nipsy
Give me back low hand, like baby, get so lazy
Spicy with that see-saw, I ain't fuck, that's T's fault
All y'all niggas plain as fuck, but damn nigga, that's D's fault
Man, was that a subliminal nigga
Be hatin' the way that the paper been makin' like damn
Niggas invisible, help me, can see 'em
That nigga been keepin' everyone like man
Y'all should be waitin' for Sincerely Tory
I'm makin' my way so you don't work again
Gettin' this paper, I say fuck your man
Hold up, hold up, hold up and that money
Longer than a fuckin' fruit roll up
I'm a G, don't know what the F you see
Niggas told your man I'm ridin' in somethin' swavey
Look like a armerillo shell on your back
Gon' make you look like an armadillo
Lookin' like black and yellow, bitch nigga I'm a stiller
Nigga say they for real, my niggas they gorilla


I'm gone, yo Cliff, I can't answer your phone, hold up

How do I need a two seater new need her
You fallin' in love with as soon as you need to
You hatin', I'm makin' this paper
You either get paper with me or you hatin' what we do
My niggas is cakin', makin' history
And make 'em Jamaican they way they be grindin'
Lame ass niggas be wastin' me time
Holdin' a pistol like aim with your mind
Fuck around with it, put niggas in line
And we gettin' them digits from bitches, it's mine
Me and my niggas from TO so shout out my vito
We keeped it on D low
My ego is bigger than me though, my nigga
My cheeto, we eatin', we jammin' that P
'Cause tell your bitch be quiet

And tell your motherfuckin' bitch shut up and be quiet, my nigga
Naw, I'm so serious, tell my bitches to shut up and be quiet before I come out the bullshit
My nigga, that's the last of the moterfuckin' deaf Warner brothers forever, nigga
It's Canada on your bitch ass
Swaved out 'til the motherfuckin' face out
And I'ma kill your bitch 'til I have to dig her grave out, you feel me?
Sunny D, what's poppin' my G?