"Always Be There For Me" lyrics - TOTO

"Always Be There For Me"

When it's over...
You're always the last one to know
It's a feeling...
That nobody wants to show
Even though it's killing me
I still blame myself
I wish I could change, but lord knows I know that I can't
All the feelings...
Twisting inside my head
I know it's too late...
The past I can't seem to forget
If I could change the circumstance
I'd never let you go
I can't hide from the thruth and I want you to know
When I reach out my hand there's nobody there I can touch anymore
When I call out your name
The pain rips right through me like never before
Is it too much to ask for one last memory
'Cause yesterday you said, you'd always be there for me
Don't know what's harder...
The truth or reality
I hit a brick wall
Painted with honesty
I wish that I could give to you, all the things you need
But the one thing I can't is making you leave