"Drawn And Quartered" lyrics - TOURNIQUET

"Drawn And Quartered"

Deliver to me
The thieves and murderers
And those with whom I find no fault
Just give me bodies
And the means to kill
It matters not who is guilty
Or who is innocent
It only matters where my fancy leads me
I live to please myself
As your blood spills out
When you expire, there's a hundred more
When you expire, there's a hundred more

All who came to see
The curious, the morbid
Nero decides their fate
The arena becomes an assorted spectacle
Played out en masse
Your soul means nothing, your pain even less
As your loved ones plead for my forgiveness
Not an ounce of mercy will I give out
Bind the ropes, set the horses afoot
Wailing cries, limbs torn out by the root
Entertaining drunken guests
As the Christians are martyred
Crimes so petty
The result: drawn and quartered
The result: drawn and quartered

How can it be
As my own death is imminent
That you, oh Lord
Still love me
A life lived in the pleasure
Of torture and murder
I can't understand it
I can't understand