"Tears Of Korah" lyrics - TOURNIQUET

"Tears Of Korah"

A humble man
Moses of Goshen [Numbers 12:3]
Behold the plan
You shall deliver them [Exodus 3:10]
Out from a land
Escape Egyptian sands
Released from Pharoah's satanic hand

A shameful man
From the highest clan [Numbers 16:1]
Korah could not see
Divine Authority [Numbers 16:2]

He said, "You know that we can be the Holy Priests" [Numbers 16:3]
By fire they tried [Numbers 16:16-18]
By fire they died [Numbers 16:35]
Tears of Korah fall from their eyes [Numbers 16:34]

Today the same
They rail His Name [Acts 3:17-23, 7:35-53]
Deny the fact of the Savior's act [Ephesians 4:7-10]
They say, "You know that we can be the Holy Priests"
By words you'll try
By words you'll die [Matt 12:37, Galatians 1:9]
Tears of Korah [Revelations 20:15]