"Trivializing The Momentous, Complicating The Obvious" lyrics - TOURNIQUET

"Trivializing The Momentous, Complicating The Obvious"

A difference of opinion - we agree to disagree
But you have stopped talking with me - now you're talking to me
Pre-trib, post-trib, five point, no point, heal me, slay me, free will, no will
As our common ground leans to the moribund
Delighted - devastated - dilapidated
Impressive - insightful - insane
Enchanted - enraptured - embalmed
The narrow path you're on will soon become a balance beam
And to always win the war of words is where you get your self-esteem
The message of his word says come to me as a child
But when i mention to you, you say his word i've defiled
"enough about you talking about me - why don't i talk about you for awhile"
"yes, but the point is..."
"see here - the polemical literature states clearly that sufficiency of attrition is not enough for even the penitent of confessor to overcome the antidisestablishmentarianism of one's dispensationalistic concept of theistic determinism"

"no you..."
"the loftiness of my vicissitudes precludes the fact that we simply cannot see eye to eye"
"are you sure you're not double minded?"

He came to set the prisoner free
A message of simplicity