"Tower Song" lyrics - TOWNES VAN ZANDT

"Tower Song"

So close and yet so far away
And all the things I'd hoped to say
Will have to go unsaid today
Perhaps until tomorrow
Your fear has built a wall between
Our lives and all what lovin' means
Will have to go unfelt it seems
And that leaves only sorrow

You built your tower strong and tall
Can't you see it's got to fall some day

You close your eyes and speak to me
Of faith and love and destiny
As distant as eternity,
Truth and understanding
The wind blows cold outside your door
It whispers words I've tried before
But you don't hear me anymore
Your pride's just too demanding

The end is coming soon, it's plain
A warm bed just ain't worth the pain
And I will go and you'll remain
With the bitterness we tasted
A mother's breast, a newborn child
A poet's tear, and drunken smile
Can't help thinkin' all the while
Their meaning won't be wasted