"One Nightstand" lyrics - TRACE ADKINS

"One Nightstand"
(Trey Bruce)

Well it ain't home but it'll have to do for a while
Got a fold down bed
Two windows on the parking lot
Three plates in the kitchenette
A table and chair where I can eat
A little black-and-white TV
A shower stall and a bathroom sink
And one two-drawer nightstand

Barely enough room to be a man

And on that nightstand sits a photograph
Of my wife and kids
Remindin' me of how good it was and right now
How bad it is
Beside it there's a coffee cup
Where I keep my wedding ring and stuff
And some nights it still keeps me up
How I got where I am

Funny how a man's life can be reduced, to one nightstand

On the fifth of last November
On a business trip in Denver
The airport cancelled all the flights
We were snowed-in strangers, alone for the night
She said "Hi, I'm Angie, and I'm from Boston
Would you drink a beer with me if I bought 'em?"
So I hit the hotel bar with her
Figured, what would it hurt?

Sittin' on the bed, leanin' 'gainst the wall
With a bible, and a gun
One of them was gonna save me
The only question was which one
So I got down on my shakin' knees
Asked the Lord forgive me please
Dropped the gun and grabbed my keys
That picture and my wedding band

Funny how a man's life can all come down, to one nightstand

One nightstand
One nightstand