"Late In The Afternoon" lyrics - TRACEY THORN

"Late In The Afternoon"

Late in the afternoon, October
Lights be coming on soon
Late in the afternoon, a little older
Be turning the clocks back soon
But you can't turn the clocks back, can you?

I'm not a novelty
You know every inch of me
Please don't begin to doubt me
Forget what you love about me

Look out your high window, November
A carpet of leaves below
You never saw through me, remember
And it wouldn't take that much
For something to kick away this crutch

I'm not a mystery
You know everything about me
I stand here every night
In fluorescent bathroom light

Every blemish, every scar
You know how they got there
And where they are
So don't get bored anytime soon
'Cause it's late
It's late in the afternoon