"The Days" lyrics - TRANSPLANTS

"The Days"

The days so short and small
The days not here at all
The days gone so far away
The days that are here to stay
The days that rain might fall
The days I feel no pain at all
The days I jump I don't fall
The days just seem so packed away.

The days bright sunset glow
The days the fire grows
The days I'm scared to know
The days just seem so far away.

Today looking down the hall
Today walking through the mall
Today the first day of fall
The things I'll do and say and see today.

Yesterday all weak and lame
Yesterday I spoke my name
Yesterday I beat the game
The days just aren't the same without you!

But if I were to go back and change all those things
If I were to go back today wouldn't be the same.


The times I wished to go
The times I couldn't show
The times you couldn't see
The times I just wasn't me.
The times all gone and done now

The weeks passing day by day
The weeks going say by say
The weeks passing through the time
The weeks without spitting rhymes

The months passing through the year
The months that just bring a tear
The months going 6 by 12
The months I wish I could pack it away and not live with myselve.

The years going on nd on
The years just flying by
The times I just broke out to cry
The years from one and on

But the years keep on passing and our lives crumble too
And our friends slowly move on just like me and you.
And we've changed since the start and it's just too hard to part
Things have changed so much,
Lifes bundled up in bunch


But ever since I was a kid,got teased and called a skid
The times I tried to fight,but then looked into the light
And remembred that life was here,
And rememred the times of cheer.
As I was just 10 I've grown a lot since then
I've moved on through life
There was just too much pain and strife

The days aren't gone
And so I sing this song
'Cause life goes on

[Chorus 3x]