"Flying Machines" lyrics - TREY ANASTASIO

"Flying Machines"

Flying machines
Paint the morning sky
There is a white crescent moon
Hanging up high
Surrounded by blue
And the wave roll in
And collapse on the sand
Sun shows its face and shines on the land
Shines on the land [2x]

Flying machines
With broad majestic wings
Flies in the sky I hear they sing (haaaaaaa)
Perfectly designed
They seen flash by
And they are yours and they are mine
Yesterday is over time takes it toll
Sweet birds are flying like the wings of my soul
The warm breeze
The eyes to the sky
Feel the even flow of the change in time [2x]

Flying machines as we make our way
White moon is speechless with nothing to say
Ease into a glide
Such graceful things
Can't wait to see what tomorrow will brings [4x]

Flying machines [8x]