"The Beginning Of Sorrows" lyrics - TROUBLE

"The Beginning Of Sorrows"

Verily, verily I come to you
Two fold more a child in hell
I am falling away from the light
The beginning of sorrows
All the days of my life
I was made to believe in lies
Sowing pillows for those who are asleep
Haven't the souls to make them fly
Long before my time on Earth
I was told who I was going to be
Gather round for my conception
Nice to see you all again
Six long years since I've been in love
Maybe since birth
Softly the moment, she's coming closer
My only pleasure here on Earth
Can't really say
What brings us all together
Or the reason we are all forgiven
I only know I'm here to be
Someone you can believe in
All your dreams
Have just begun
Can you see me know
I'm the one
In the reflection
Of the sun
I can feel your pain
Don't be afraid
I'm the one
In the reflection
Of the sun
Here comes the son