"Comin' Home" lyrics - TWINKIE CLARK

"Comin' Home"

Backslider, I'm married to you
Backslider, I'm married to you

Was a backslider, I've been running
I'm so convicted, I'm coming home
Hell is so hot, fire and brimstone
Wanna meet the master, I'm coming home

Time is running out, I'm in a hurry
Years of this life, I can't worry
I've been told about a place, I see it burning
I'm so afraid, my heart is turning

Coming home
Coming home
I've strayed away
I'm coming home
Lord, I am coming home

Wanna meet the master face to face
I wanna be saved, I'm here to stay

Coming home
Coming home
I can't wait no longer
I'm coming home

Never been to heaven but I've been told
Tell me that the street is made of gold
One of this mornings, it won't be long
Gonna look for me and I'll be gone

Gone to glory, gone to glory, gone to glory
I'm gonna sing and shout
Nobody, nobody will be able to put me out
The beautiful city
Shout, my trouble's over
Gonna bow and then I worship my God
We will sing hallelujah
Look back where He brought us from
And how we made it over
I'm coming home
What a wonderful glorious day when we all see Jesus
I've strayed away too long
Coming home
I'm coming
I'm coming
I'm coming home yeah
Coming home
I want a mind, a new heart, a new soul
Coming home

No turning back, I'm determined
Shed a tear of two, I may be hurting
Never been a time you didn't see me through
Made everything right when I needed you
Coming home
So glad I'm coming
I won't never be the same
I'm coming home
Coming back to you, Jesus
You gave me a new heart
You gave me a new mind
Gave me a new way of living
Gave me a new way of singing
Things I used to do
I don't want to do no more
Places I used to want to go
I don't want to go no more
I left it all at the altar
And my soul was blessed
My cup is running over
Since I confessed
I walking and talking and moving and doing
What you would have me to do, oh Lord
I've got peace and a satisfaction