"Sound Off" lyrics - TYKETTO

"Sound Off"
(Arbeeny / St. James)

Money changes hands
Money changes minds
Money takes command
Makes and breaks our lives
You can buy the world
Sell it for a song
Money makes the world go wrong

Sound Off: At those cavaliers
Who sold us all their bitches brew
Sound Off: At the financiers
Who took it all and bonuses too
We're not gonna let you
Beat the check for this one too
Sound Off

Music touches hearts
Music changes lives
Music gives us strength
The power to survive
Money gets involved
Where it does not belong
Money makes it all go wrong

Sound Off: At your radio
I don't wanna swallow what you're feeding me
Sound Off: At those tv shows
Formulated and talent free
What's it gonna be?
We'll get the crap we're paying for
Unless we sound off

If I have to listen
To one more sorry whining little girl
If I have to listen
To one more lame ass gangster
Shooting up the world
Is it any wonder that I'm reaching for the plug?
Pulling out the rug
I will do anything to turn that sound off

Sound Off: At those glory hounds
Wanna be iconoclasts
Sound Off: When their voices sound
Auto tuned to make their 15 minutes last
Put em in the past
Take control and turn the sound off
Sound off

Sound Off: Like you got a pair
We're not gonna swallow what you're handing out
Sound Off: At those billionaires
Never gonna get it unless we kick and shout
What's it all about?
Flip the switch and turn that
Sound Off