I'm swaggin bitch, I'm iced out,
Oh you mad bitch 'cause I'm laying on the couch,
Smoke a blunt, fuck a bitch in the butt I'm bossin,
Don't give a fuck, I'm never on slauson
I'm fly bitch, I should poke you in yo eye bitch,
Got the burner bitch, bow, bow,
You dead bitch, I'm hot as fuck, I ain't never cold, but I;m
Icy bitch!
My Bitch Suck Dick Like She Suck Dick

Got the bops in the house
Socking bitches in they mouth
See my neck, iced the fuck out
I'm getting money nigga
At the fucking mall, 40 bitches on my nutsack
Pull up on a muthafucking unicorn
I'm getting ponies nigga
Wolf gang nigga scream that till them
Muthafuckas show me death
Golf wang nigga, free earl betta show some
All this is ice around my neck
All this ice around my dick
Gun to her head make yo bitch massage my
Shoulders bitch

Shut up bitch,

Suck my dick,
U fucking bop,
U better swallow it,
I got a chain with a fucking platinum plaque on it,
Is that a 100 dollar bill I'll shit on it,
I bought a fucking whale,
'Cause I'm ballin,
Yo bitch works for me,
She's my dishwasher,
Swag on my dick,
30 thousand million,
Nigga, nigga, nigga

U boppin bitch, u like this dick?
We all know why, 'cause u's a boppin bitch
I gots da burner, I'll pop you in yo lip
Zoom zoom yah, I'm going fast bitch
I'm loud as fuck, I'm ignorant
Punch a bitch in her mouth just for talking shit,
You lurking bitch, well I see that shit, once again I got to
Punch a bitch in her shit,
I'm icy bitch, look at my wrist, because if you do, I might
Blind you bitch,
Mount everest ain't fucking with my fucking wrist
Fuck global warming, this a ice age bitch