"Entranced By The Pendulum" lyrics - UNDEATH

"Entranced By The Pendulum"

Strapped down to ensure that
I can view
The pendulum will be tearing through
First his skin
Then the cheekbones
The waiting subsides while he dies

I pull the chain
The pendulum
To cut on me

As I climb on top of him
His tongue is still wriggling
His gurgling will not haunt me long
The blade is near to my own guts

In disgust, reviled
In disgust, spewing fucking bile
In disgust, stifled crying
In disgust, struck flesh and dying
Reviled, in disgust

The swinging blade
Is cutting me
Blood shining light
Dim reflection of guts

Strewn around the room
When they find me what will they assume
Too much blood for one body
The (others') caskets will be exhumed

Entranced by the pendulum