"The Changing Of Times" lyrics - UNDEROATH

"The Changing Of Times"

[Intro: Aaron Gillespie, Dallas Taylor and Aaron Gillespie]
Never expected it to arrive so soon
(Da, da, da...)
But as the night drifted on, it came time to say goodbye
(Da, da, da, da, da...)
Turning your back and walking away
(Da, da, da...)
This cold winter morning is all that remains!

[Verse 1: Dallas Taylor, Aaron Gillespie]
Why couldn't you tell me to my face
(Remains...) Instead of hiding until I lost faith

[Instrumental Breakdown]

[Breakdown: Dallas Taylor]
Gets broken as a life gets set free
And all I asked

[Instrumental bridge]

[Pre-Chorus: Dallas Taylor]
Was, "Love me?"

[Chorus: Dallas Taylor, Aaron Gillespie]
Years passed, seasons changed and I waited
Hate time to say goodbye, hate time
Soon after was the pain that would never reach you
Hate time to say goodbye, hate time
You've gotten over me, but it seems I'll never get over you
Hate time to say goodbye, hate time
On me, I place this blame
Regrets, hate time to say goodbye, hate time

[Post-Chorus: Aaron Gillespie]
Praying heaven will open wide and hold you tight
As for me, I'll be alright

[Bridge: Dallas Taylor]
This impact you would have, the songs I'd write
Dreams of you changing your mind
Anything to pass the time

[Outro: Dallas Taylor]
But for now, you can hear me as I cry!
I love you and goodbye!
Goodbye, goodbye!
Goodbye, goodbye!