"Over The Rainbow" lyrics - UNISONIC

"Over The Rainbow"

I was a child, a little boy
The world a place of endless joy
When tears were falling from my face
You came to dry them all away

So come to me and make me see
The smile upon your face
But yesterday is miles away
Another time and place
The evening comes and shadows fall
And then I realize:
Another day I'll see you in the light

Over the rainbow
Over the rainbow

Flying high among the clouds
Our souls united in a shroud
Eternity will be our place
So safe and sound beyond the race

So I don't care about the world
As I vanish in the night
I know I'll see you on the other side

Over the Rainbow
Over the Rainbow

I should have done better
But in the end
All that matters is peace of mind
All we shall amend

Yeah, we should have done better
We shall amend
But all that matters
Is freedom of mind in the end
We're flying high...

Over the rainbow
(We fly among the stars)
Over the rainbow
With beating of our hearts
Over the rainbow
Out in Space and time
Over the rainbow
Finding peace of mind