"The Fall Of The Galactic Guard" lyrics - UNLEASH THE ARCHERS

"The Fall Of The Galactic Guard"

Hail undefeated protectors, soldiers unfailing in all
Guiding image of perfection, such a long distance to fall, and they fall
Blazing polished armour is fading (Fading away)
Glory turned to spoiled reputation (Spoiled, tarnished)

Butchers, like voracious creatures sweeping the land
Corrupted by the thirst to overcome all

Long ago they protected us all
Now that's gone, just a world full of murderers

Fear, pain, rage, sheer embodiment
Slight, shame, fail, such a disrespect
Kill, hate, maim, see this cowardice on display

We used to welcome their arrival
They served a justice that no other could provide
Now with the days of truth behind them
What have they done, what have they stood for?

Hush, they approach
No sound, at night, They come in numbers
Be you small child, Or worthy foe, they care not

They have not come here to save us, run
Take the chance and run
Treacherous perpetrators, cons
Detestable cons
Overlooked and betrayed our trust
Betrayed our trust
Terrorize in the name of force
In the name of force

Demons in disguise, deceivers
Masked as messiahs, misleaders
Corporeal curse, cozeners
Bound and bent upon believers

So low
Doomed and firm on believing a truth
That never was
That never will be

Watch them gather in their masses to march
On against the forces of the dark
Yet, we know not what we hope for or thought
Is the man an evil or a god?