"The Matriarch" lyrics - UNLEASH THE ARCHERS

"The Matriarch"

Come gather around the fire, I'll tell you all a tale
The day she came to power our lives forever changed
Never before a darkness like this have we seen
No end to suffering, all hail our mighty queen

There's no hiding from her
She sees everything
Rules with the iron fist
You know she is

The matriarch
She'll eat your heart

I've heard it said that she can melt you with her eyes
And out her fingers spits a burning liquid fire
Without a single word you'll fall under her spell
And rip yourself apart with your bare hands while marching to her bell

There's no rising above
She drowns everything
Freedom doesn't exist
You can't resist

The matriarch
You won't get far

Oh, she brings nightmares to life
The foul most twisted kind
And when you beg to die
She glorifies

The matriarch
The matriarch