"Little Boy Intro (Live At Red Rocks Amphitheatre)" lyrics - VANCE JOY

"Little Boy Intro (Live At Red Rocks Amphitheatre)"

Alright so for this next couple of songs, the band and I we're gonna stand up together in the front of the stage
And play kind of an acoustic stripped down version of these songs
And I... This next song, um, is about
When I was a little kid I was riding my bike in my local area in Melbourne, Australia
And I was riding on the hill and when I go back now to this suburb and I look at this hill, it is the most gradual incline you've ever seen
It doesn't really qualify as a hill, it's like, I think that's flat, and, like, it's kinda like that
But when I was 10 years old that was the big hill
And I was riding my bike and I remember, like something happened, I must have swerved off, hit a rock or something, and I flew over the handle bars, and I remember flying over the handle bars, and I knocked myself out
And I was found by a lovely lady who took me to the hospital
And when I got there I found out I was missing one of my front teeth
And I went to the dentist after and he gave me a replacement tooth, um, but this replacement took was like, triple-XL tooth
This tooth was like, massive, like, it's too big for adults, um
So I have this tooth, still on my mouth
I am 6'3 and I don't really, I still dont
Haha, yeah, a tall guy! Haha
And this tooth still doesn't fit quite right
I know this is a really long story about my tooth
So please bare with me, um
It's not, it's, we're getting to the last bit, um
You know when people say, "long story short", it's never, when they say, it's never- that's never a short story, anyway, but I'm...
This tooth, I was at my first nightclub when I was 18 years old
And my friends were pointing at me
And they're like "hey mate!"
And they're pointing at me
And I was like "what's wrong? what's wrong?"
And they're like "the big tooth"
And I'm "what? what's happening to the big tooth?"
And they're like "It's glowing in the dark"
So, I was very easy to find at the nightclub
You just see the tooth
It's like a tooth, like, floating in the air, like, kind of high
I think I scared like a lot of girls away
OK, so, obviously all of that
All of these details aren't in this song
That would be too much to put in
Um, but this is the song, it's called "Little Boy"