"Indefinite Bloodlust" lyrics - VEIL OF MAYA

"Indefinite Bloodlust"

We all have a craving for destruction
It's another piece of who we are

Why deny these blood filled urges
They egg it on

We lust for blood
To lust for blood is to refuse who we are
We need to think about what we are

What we are
We are beings, violent minded
Yet they think us to be blind

We are the hope for a better tomorrow
A.k.a yesterdays unattended funerals

They take away our blades but ask us to decipate
This is not how it's supposed to be
Killing is killing, no matter how the line goes flat

Reach out, grab your victim
Place the blade on his vein
Don't mind the memories spilling across your fingers
Just close your eyes and do as your told

They say we benefit from this but we feel more raped than anything
They'll tease us with sex
Blind us from gore yet ask us to kill
Fuck you

We'll see what we want to see
You kill if you want to kill
This is indefinite bloodlust