"Sacrifice" lyrics - VENOM


Hooded figures, clouded skies
Fires burn within their eyes
Pentagram with baphomet midnight strikes
Goat of menders lifts his head
Summons up the living dead
Virgin flesh lies tied and bound
Hail satanas

Scream for mercy cry and repent Satan claims your soul
Sacrifice, sacrifice, oh so nice, sacrifice

Candles glow on alters bare
A virgin's death is needed there
Sacrifice to Lucifer my master
Bring the calico raise the knife
Welcome to my sacrifice
Plunge the dagger in her breast
I insist

Limbs weaken life flies away demons rejoice
Sacrifice, sacrifice, name your price, sacrifice

Death is swift 'neath Satan's' sword
All the same young and old
Life means nothing to my lord
Drink from chalice warm and sweet
Virgin's heart final beat
Lightning strikes virgin dies
Satan smiles

The moon is black and the witches dance, heaven is denied
Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice