"Friday Night Feeling" lyrics - VERN GOSDIN

"Friday Night Feeling"
(Jake Landers / Richard Landers)

Like so many times before
Her voice still echoes down the hallway
I won't be coming back no more

Five nights a week I kept her happy
We lived in perfect harmony
But our trouble starts on Friday
That feeling takes control of me

It's that Friday night feeling
That I can't seem to control
Pretty ladies and sweet music
It's down deep in my soul

And this feeling won't leave me
Till Sunday morning comes
Oh, this Friday night feeling
It won't let me go home

I just stopped in to cash my paycheck
Thought I drink one then go home
Then I saw that good looking lady
Setting at the bar alone

Well, she had that look of needing someone
Felt that feeling coming on strong
Oh, this Friday night feeling
Just won't let me go home