"Call Of The Wild" lyrics - VIAGRA BOYS

"Call Of The Wild"

I heard your voice in an empty room
You told me something
You told me
"Son, your time is coming soon"

And I heard a song that I didn't like
I saw the prophet ride a yellow bike
I felt the breeze, the call of the wild
My eyes were closed, but I saw the light

I stood in a river with my whole family
They held me under the water, but I still could breathe
And I heard a lion roaring out my name
Looked at the stars, and I saw my own face
And I looked down at myself and said
"It's time to go back to the jungle"

It's the call of the wild
Call of the wild

I rode a zebra right through the jungle
I came up to a rock with a small monkey sitting upon it
And in his hands, was a little book written by me
But I don't recall writing anything in it

But I recall what it says, it said
"You don't belong with the people
You don't belong in the village
It's time for you to go back"

It's the call of the wild
Call of the wild