"Ballhog" lyrics - VICIOUS RUMORS


Oh yeah, I got the ball and I'm runnin'
With it all the way
I don't need no one to show me around
I got the feelin' and I'm believin' a
Higher state of consciousness
I don't need no one to bring me down
So I'm runnin' with it
Till the end of it
Yeah I'm goin' wlth it
'Cause you know that a ballhog
Just doesn't drop the ball
Oh yeah. I'm feelin' no shame
Is everyone insane... well please feel free
To go for the one
When I got the ball don't be in my way
Or l'm gonna run right through you
It won't mean a thing to me
Crazy. Overblown
I never thought that I could own
Something no one could take away