"Welcoming Party / This Is System" lyrics - VIO-LENCE

"Welcoming Party / This Is System"

[Welcoming Party]

This is system for your life we exist
We'll take your mind and violently twist into
A shape so desperate you'll make us your life
And like your mother we will hold you so tight
And we'll grow off our pain constant aggression.
We're sedatives for your alteration
We'll drag you down for the rest of your life
And then the system succeeds
The day you have died

[This Is System]

We welcome you child and we open our arms of greetings
We'll treat you just right and we'll change you inside and you'll see
That it's so necessary for you to accept
Or we'll strap you down 'til we gain your respect
You'll see it our way and you'll never question what we say

See me I am crying through eyes of pain!
Cold hearted system I cannot escape!

Much more comfortable now, much more relaxed, just slightly sedated
And when the lights go out, you will recall the pain that you've faded
And in the blackened pitch you hear the other guests screaming
And you can feel the horror of their hated dreams

We'll strap you down tight
Shocking your mind for screaming

You poor child with pain in your eyes
We never hear you cry
We'd like to think that you are someone's mistake
And so we lock you away

There's got to be some kind of end
A way out from under this horror
Something out there beyond the pain
That welcomes with comfort

We'll let you go this time and it's your mistake
You will miss our hate and desire our pain
And you will be back
Because they will not understand you

You feared man with the hate in your eyes
Looks like you don't mind dying
We'd like to think that you're a social mistake
And so we lock you away