"Werewolf" lyrics - VIOLENT FEMMES


So I'm gonna try it here. It's a song by Michael Hurley, it's called "The werewolf"

Oh the Werewolf, Oh the werewolf
Comes a-stepping along
He don't even break the branches
Where he's been gone

You can hear his long holler
From way across the moor
That's the holler of a werewolf
When he's feeling poor

For the werewolf, For the werewolf
Have sympathy 'cause the werewolf
He's somebody like you or me

Once I saw him in the moonlight
When the bats were flying
All alone I saw the werewolf
And the werewolf was crying


Crying "Nobody, nobody
Nobody knows
How much I love the maiden as I tear off her clothes
Crying nobody, nobody
Knows my pain
When I see that it's risen, that full moon again"

Ooooooh ooooooh

And old Igor he said to me
Said: "Man, it's this little flute that I play"
But I never play by the light of day
When you play your flute
What do you play on your flute?